Memorials help treating the trauma of tsunami victims, Newspaper interview, Tempo (Indonesia)

Tugu Peringatan Bantu Obati Trauma Korban Tsunami  Newspaper: Tempo, Indonesia


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(Approximative translation — see link to the original article above for quotations)

A great earthquake was followed by a tsunami in 2004 caused the death of more than 160 thousand people of Aceh. During the stage of rehabilitation, the construction of new infrastructure continues to spurred further in order to improve the living condition the Aceh people and bounced back after this tragedy. The constructions of memorial monuments for natural disasters that can help restore the condition of the tsunami and the psychology health of local people. Sebastien Penmellen Boret, social anthropologist of Tohoku University, Japan, said the establishment of memorial monument is the way to restore the mental health and deal with the trauma faced by community victim of ‘natural’ disasters. The great tsunami victims of disasters such as Aceh people, according to Boret, are facing two great pressure at once .’ they are tsunami victims and at the same time they are also facing pressure because they lost the family, ‘ Boret said after the event due to International Workshop Expo on Sumatra Tsunami Disaster and recovery in the Syiah Kuala University.

According to Boret, the establishment of a monument tsunami and conservation of certain places affected by natural disasters that have a role in alleviate the trauma of the victims. Boret suggests that the reconstruction of infrastructure could is important and maybe eventually completed (read also: Bill Clinton observation of the tsunami area), but the grief for the survivors of the victims will last for a lifetime. ‘I think that the trauma due to natural disasters will not be fully recovered, that is why it maybe required to rebuild a community that will ease their burden’ Boret said. In japan, exemplifies Boret, memorial is a place often visited the victims of natural disasters. Japan is a country often hit by an earthquake, some of them fatal and cause thousands of causalities.’ The place where they pray became one of a buffer zone where people can rebuild new communities during the aftermath of disaster, ‘ Boret suggested.

In addition, a monument in the form of a mass grave was built in several areas in Aceh. The Aceh Siron mass grave in the area of cemetery is one of the thousands who collect more than 45 thousand unidentified victims. It has often that people search for old friends that they may be buried at the site” Boret said. Aceh tsunami happened in the 26 December 2004 prompted by the earth’s tectonic to 9.3 the Richter scale. The quake centered in the sea, the waters off the coast to the west of Sumatra and the tsunami that wiped out several other countries, including Thailand Sri Lanka and India. Overall, it killed more than 230 thousand people coming from 14 countries.



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