Risk Management Seminar Series, 2015

Kobe University, Campus ASIA Program

The Campus Asia program of Kobe University is currently holding its “Risk Management Seminar Series”. Permeated with a profound history of catastrophes, Kobe City and Kobe University have become prominent actors in the field of risk and disaster management. Through this lecture series, Dr. Satoru Tanaka and the Graduate School of International Collaboration Studies (GSICS) aim at furthering our understanding of the experience of people living with natural, social, politic and/ economic risks. Their guests include leading scholars in disasters studies, including members of IRIDeS (Akiko Sakurai, Disaster Information, Management and Public Collaboration Division and Elizabeth Ann Maly, Human and Social Response Research Division), Kenta Awazu and Yumi Murayama (Nanzan U.), Akihiro Yamamoto and Kan Kimura (Kobe U.), Akira Nishimura (Tokyo U.). The topics explored issues of risks and disasters through the lens of education, urban development, anthropology, psychology, religion and history (see GSICS website for further information).

Remembering Disasters: The Role of Memory in Disaster Risk Reduction

For the third lecture of this series, Sébastien Penmellen Boret (Disaster Information, Management and Public Collaboration Division) had the great privileged to be invited to share the preliminary fruits of his on-going project, Remembering Disasters. Based on intensive periods of fieldworks in Japan (2012-present) and the Province of Aceh (2014-present), Sébastien has been examined the memorialisation of the 2011 Great East Japan Disaster and the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami. During a three-hour long seminar, Sébastien examined for the first time during a single presentation the practices and ideas surrounding the three main facets of the ways in which societies remembers disasters: memorial ceremonies, monuments and oral narratives. The delivery of this seminar together with the contribution of the participants and organizers has certainly laid the foundation of Sébastien’s next book on the topic.

20150508Boret02 20150508Boret08


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