Aceh Research Centre, Indonesia

The forces for social and political change brought about by the post-tsunami and post-conflict context present unique challenges for Acehnese society. Responding to these complexities in a sustainable way requires policy advice based on first hand research and skilled and independent analysis of the situation.

The International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS) endeavours towards this vision by facilitating an Acehnese academic community that is able to produce quality research that can directly contribute towards the advancement of Aceh’s social and political development. Since opening in 2009, ICAIOS has been working to improve the local academic infrastructure for local Acehnese researchers, whilst bridging the nexus between research and government decision-making by fostering a culture of evidence-based policy.

As an organisation which intends to be a regional leader in social science research quality and output, ICAIOS is also focused on raising the caliber of local research methods towards international standard. In line with this goal, ICAIOS supports academic partnership and cooperation with the international academic community in fields that are important towards the recovery of post-tsunami and post-conflict Aceh. It does this by hosting visiting academics and sponsors international students conducting research work in Aceh.



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